Delamere Dairy Fresh Pasteurized Whole Goats Milk 1L

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- 100% Fresh Goat Milk
- Amazing Taste
- No Goaty Smell
- Between 7-14 days shelf life

Delamere Dairy Fresh Whole Goats Milk is specially air flown weekly from the United Kingdom. The goats are welfare assured and enjoy all of life's home comforts in airy, draft-free, barns with a deep bedding of straw and plenty of space for 'getting away' from the group. A typical diet consists of silage, hay and straw with a blend of cereals to balance their nutrient intake. Perfect for delivering the fresh milk that tastes so good. Delamere Dairy is located in Knutsford, Cheshire and takes its name from the beautiful Delamere Forest where, in 1985, the company was founded by Liz and Roger Sutton. Vegetarian approved.
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