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La Riva dei Frati Vb. Valdobbiadene Docg Prosecco Frizzante Sparkling Wine


The name “La Riva dei Frati” derives from a piece of land situated in the area of Col San Martino, once cultivated by Dominican friars. Documents conserved in the archives of Trevsio show that this piece of land belonged to Treviso’s San Nicolo Dominican friars in the 15th century and back then they were already producing prestigious wines. The Adami family has a long tradition in the wine business that brings us to today where their aim is to offer quality prestigious wines. Cesare and Marsia entered the wine producing business, concentrating their energy, passion and hard work, in order to always improve their products. Tasting Notes: Harmonic, fruity, savoury. A wine with a moderate quantity of alcohol. It expresses the most exciting conditions of liveliness, freshness, lightness and pleasantness, that are typical of the Prosecco wine.