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Pepper By Pinard Hot Sauce

We are proud to bring Australia (Soon the world) a taste of the Caribbean. Our Habanero and Reaper sauce is an old family recipe that goes back generations. If you were to visit the Caribbean you would find a similar sauce in every household and in most restaurants as it enhances any dish. Pepper By Pinard, Established in 2021. We are just starting out but have hit the ground running!!! Already in over 50 stores Australia wide. We entered the hot sauce game after noticing most hot sauces were hot, but missed the flavour mark massively. Enter Pepper By Pinard. In our first year we became Multi International Award winners. Going up against the best hot sauces around the world and taking trophies in all competitions entered. We have a small range of 3 sauces as we wanted to put everything we had into perfecting these 3. Give us a try today and see what all the hype is about. Guarantee you will love them!!

Ryan Pinard
Pepper By Pinard Hot Sauce