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Mekhala Organic Asian Pastes

Mekhala (which means “Goddess” in Thai) was born out of the desire for quality, natural products for our own families, while my co-founder and I were mindfully enjoying some relaxing days in contact with nature at her vegan retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

As a working mother, I was frustrated with all the artificial additives and preservatives, and the high amounts of sugar in most Asian store-bought products, but did not have the time to cook from scratch. So I roped in my sister (and current Chief Sauceress), Diane, and we got busy. Inspired by the vegan meals at the retreat, we created a range of clean and flavorful products for ourselves and our customers. After all, why can’t life be delicious, easy and healthy?  

We set ourselves to make a difference by contributing to a better life that’s easier, healthier, and tastier for all

With beautiful ingredients sourced from local farmers, we manufacture our organic, plant-based, clean label and gluten and nut-free Asian inspired food products in Chiang Mai.

In each Mekhala product, not only will you experience exciting flavor combinations made from authentic Asian ingredients, you’ll be tasting the result of mindful cooking and sustainable production practices and you’ll become part of a brand that takes concrete actions in inspiring and empowering women and youths of the Burmese community.  

With care and passion, we work every day to bring our dream to more people – A Better Asian Kitchen with great, wholesome, and sustainable Asian foods for you and your loved ones. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making them for you. 

Daphne Hedley

Mekhala Co-Founder


Mekhala Organic Asian Pastes