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LoveRaw vegan chocolates are now available in WHSmith stores in Changi Airport Singapore.

Arctic Power Berries Vegan and Gluten Free Lingonberry Powder by Atasco


Scandinavian super berry. 100-percent Lingonberry Powder, made from wild, hand-picked Arctic lingonberries from clean, unpolluted nature of Finland. Nothing added. Nutrient dense superfood: A teaspoon of powder is equal to a handful of fresh, wildly grown lingonberries. Delicious antioxidant, vitamin and colour boost: Add to your smoothies, breakfast bowls, porridge, yogurt, cereal or baking. The powder tastes like the fresh, wild-grown lingonberries. The health benefits of wild lingonberries include: Full of natural antioxidants (called polyphenols) and flavonoids that can help strengthen the immune system, prevent infections and provide anti-aging benefits. Antioxidants can also contribute to weight loss, provide a detoxifying effect and help maintaining a healthy metabolism.


Dried & ground wild Lingonberries. Nothing Added