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Famous Soda Sugar Free Drinks and Bobby Low Sugar Prebiotic Sodas now available at Surrey Hills.

Diablo Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bar


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Our classic Dark Chocolate Bar definitely doesn’t disappoint. Smooth and silky in texture, this is next level, sophisticated snacking that you won’t want to miss. This is one for the true dark chocolate devotees out there. Using a natural sweetener, meaning you get all the flavour without the bitterness. Its flavour profile is surprisingly mellow and delightfully decadent and is the perfect treat whatever time of day.

Sugar Free. Despite the avoidance of sugar, we don’t believe in the avoidance of sweetness and therefore use only the most natural and tangy tasting sweetener in Maltitol. It is used as an alternative to sugar and is as natural as they come. It is a dream for those looking to cut down on their sugar intake. 60-Percent Cocoa. This dark chocolate contains about 60-Percent cocoa. Guess what cocoa increases That’s right, it’s our serotonin levels which is essentially our happy hormones. So, you will have a massive smile on your face after devouring this beautiful bar of chocolate. How else would we get through the gloomy winters.

At Diablo Sugar Free we live for empowered decisions, none more so than when it comes to enjoying those sweet treats. We don’t believe those 5 million+ suffering from diabetes should be prevented from acting on human impulse and restrain from a delicious snack. That’s why we created our set of Sugar Free and No Added Sugar goodies. We use only the finest ingredients to produce our luxury products and source our sweetness from the most natural plants. You will not regret the day you laid eyes on our mouth-watering treats for the first time.


Sweetener maltitol, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, low-fat cocoa powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin, E476) flavouring, milk powder. Cocoa solids: min. 57%. May contain nuts and peanut traces.