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Famous Soda Sugar Free Drinks and Bobby Low Sugar Prebiotic Sodas now available at Surrey Hills.

Keto Slim Mo Konjac Udon by Shears and Atasco - Halal


If you did not use shirataki noodles before, like zero fat, sugar-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, vegan noodles made from the konjac yam. The packing liquid can be a little stinky when you first open a package, just follow the steps in the recipe to prepare them for deliciousness. Note that the Keto Slim's Udon have 12 calories per serving. This dish is just as healthy as you'd expect yam noodles and vegetables smothered in pureed cauliflower to be but I promise it's much more delicious. It won't fool anyone into thinking it's an actual fatty pasta dish but it's just the thing when you want a giant bowl of creamy pasta for fewer calories than a glass of wine.


Water, Konjac Flour