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LoveRaw vegan chocolates are now available in WHSmith stores in Changi Airport Singapore.

OMG Oat Milk Goodness Barista Chocolate Oat Milk 350ml


OMG (Oat Milk Goodness). Creamy, barista friendly, Australian made and owned oat milk using NO industrial seed oils. Most plant-based milks contain industrial seed oils like canola, rapeseed or sunflower oil. It helps them taste more milky. We want to make a plant-based milk that does right by you, your coffee, and the environment. We've proudly embraced Aussie olive oil in our oat milk, as an industrial seed oil alternative. Velvety smooth chocolate oat milk is the kind of treat that tastes as good as it feels and it feels real good thanks to being free from industrial seed oils. Picture the rich, creamy flavour of chocolate milk with the goodness of locally grown oats and olive oil. Packaged in a convenient 350ml single serve. It's the perfect pick-me-up when you're on the go, an energy boost for sports activities or a delicious addition to a school lunchbox. One serving also provides over half your daily recommended calcium intake.